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The modern age of technology has brought about the opportunity to use mobile devices in a way that most people never thought possible. Techvore is built around these advances and offers quick solutions to mobile gamers wishing to install their games on a PC or Mac. Additionally we offer tips and tricks related to updating and improving the speed on mobile devices.


We also review useful software available for desktops which either help with productivity, or have specific focal point values in their respective industries. These include categories related to music, video, business statistics and marketing.

You will find that Techvore has a main focus on mobile apps related to chat and video as well. Having great apps can drastically improve the user experience of literally any phone, but can additionally cause a lot of resource problems. This is why we offer reviews on some of the most common but powerful apps.

While mobile is the biggest area of our expertise, we often receive emails and comments related to Windows. With the release of Windows 8, confusion among desktop users has become quite rampant. Most people have been so used to using Windows XP and 7 that the latest build from Microsoft has many business as well as casual users stumped. This is where we provide tips and hacks to either customize, or help users to become more proficient with their version of Windows.

Lets also not forget Apple. We also produce valuable content related to iPhone devices as well as Macbook’s and Powerbooks. Specialized apps for Apple only devices are also reviewed throughout our site.

Below are some of the more popular pages that are in effect a quick start guide to various categories. If you have difficulty finding what you are searching for, then consider using the categories on the right.

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